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We are proud to offer mobile car glass repair and replacement services. We come to your home or office and can complete repairs in as a little as 30 minutes. We make fixing your broken windshield or auto glass easy.

Why Steadfast Auto Glass is a smart choice For Your Mobile Chip Repair?

With Steadfast Auto Glass mobile service, finding the right time to replace or repair your cars windshield is simple. Don't let cracks and chips go as they can spread fast. Get crack repair fast! With our mobile windshield repair, you can stop the damage from becoming worse and save you the cost of complete replacement. As one of the more reliable windshield repair companies servicing Colorado Springs, we offer same day repair or replacement. Best of all, we come directly to your home address which will save you time and money. Our repair experts have fixed broken windshields and auto glass for many years.

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Complete Mobile Auto Glass services

Repairing a broken windshield or other glass surface on your vehicle is simple. First, click or call for a free estimate. From there, we will come to your address, preform the necessary repair, work with insurance to reduce costs and you are on your way with a windshield or auto glass repair that you will love.

Why Steadfast Auto Glass?

  • Experience – Our auto glass techs are backed with years in the industry and we always stay up to date with the latest technologies.
  • Affordability – We use quality glass products at a fraction of the price the big dealers charge.
  • Convenience – We come to your home or business on your time. We make scheduling your windshield repair easy.
  • Guaranteed – We want your complete satisfaction. We do the job right the first time, no matter what or we will make it right.

We Come To You!

Schedule Your Windshield Replacement With Steadfast Auto Glass.

Fix the crack or chip before it’s to late!

Get in touch with Steadfast Auto Glass before that chip gets worse. Because we offer mobile windshield replacement, chip repair and auto glass services, we often can provide same day, speedy service. We can literally be there in minutes. That means possibly saving you costs on full windshield replacement if we catch the chip before its to late.

Once you schedule your glass repair, we will come to you where and when it is most convenient such as your home or work. Our technicians are certified, insured and licensed to complete all repair and windshield replacement work beyond your satisfaction. Our mobile windshield replacement service area includes Colorado Springs and and includes anywhere in El Paso County, Colorado with no travel fees.

Save time and money with Steadfast Auto Glass!

Mobile Windshield Replacement and Repair – Does My Windshield Need Mobile Replacement?

Determining whether your windshield can be repaired versus needing a complete windshield replacement is fairly simple. A good rule of thumb to understand if replacement is necessary follows 3 rules:

  1. Is the crack bigger than a drivers license (roughly 3 inches)?
  2. Is the crack or chip directly in the driver’s line of sight?
  3. Is the chip or crack penetrating through both sides of the glass?
 If the answer is yes to any of these questions, chances are the windshield will need replacing.  Some companies claim they can fix huge cracks longer than 12 inches, but the truth is that this is not always the safest (or smartest) thing to do. The integrity of your windshield is extremely important. Driving at high speeds puts pressure onto the windshield and in turn a poorly fixed chip can exasperate the integrity of the windshield itself.
Beyond the windshield’s integrity, a crack repair also does not completely remove the crack, rather it fills it in with clear epoxy. If the chip is in the line of the driver’s site, it can inhibit the view slightly, thus replacement is important. We will do whatever we can at Steadfast Auto Glass, to ensure your windshield is properly repaired to recommended safety standards.
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No Contact Windshield Replacement

Your health is a priority. With mobile auto glass repair, we also offer contact free windshield and auto glass service that minimizes contact with our technicians. This way, you can feel comfortable about having your auto glass repaired where we minimize contact closely associated with COVID-19. Contact us for more details!

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