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Importance of Proper Windshield Repair

The most important aspect of any windshield installation or repair is customer safety. 

Glass parts that are attached to the vehicle using adhesives during windshield replacement tend to be where problems would arise.  Job price is usually not the most important thing to look for when shopping for auto glass replacement or repair.  Finding a technician that is willing to use the proper procedures to install your glass should be your top priority when looking to hire a glass professional. Safety first, after all.

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Believe it or not, despite windshields being an integral part of vehicle safety, in the event of a crash, the auto glass industry isn’t regulated to any sort of specific standard in Colorado, when it comes to materials, methods, or procedures used to perform installations.  That being said, there is definitely a correct way and an incorrect way of doing things within the industry. When hiring a Colorado Springs windshield service, be sure to ask about the proper installation procedures of the auto glass technician. They should always use the proper techniques as we do at Steadfast Auto Glass.

Installation Of Auto Glass Using Urethane

Automotive-grade urethane is the adhesive widely understood to be the best choice for auto glass installations in the industry.  There are different brands and even different types within each brand.  Each manufacturer comes up with its own recipe for its product and then creates its own accessory products such as primers and cleaners that are compatible with their urethanes.  Urethane bonds best to other urethane, but primers specific to each brand make for a strong bonding surface as well during windshield or auto glass repairs.

Why Primers Work The Best in Windshield Repair

Primers are the most important support product as these are what ensure a solid bond between the urethane and the body of the vehicle and also between the urethane and the glass.  There is such thing as primer-less urethane that includes everything needed for a strong bond within the urethane itself, but those products are rare due to the cost of manufacturing.  If you notice your glass being installed without the use of primer on the glass, don’t be shy about talking to your technician about it to ensure the glass is installed with the strongest bond to your vehicle that is possible.

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Auto Glass Installation Pitfalls

Contaminants can also wreak havoc on the installation quality.  Decontamination of the new glass and of the body of the vehicle must always be performed on every new installation to ensure adhesion.  Oils from your skin, dirt, debris, and even water are enough to keep a strong bond from occurring.  Wearing gloves and using a good cleaner such as glass cleaner to scrub the bonding surfaces is essential.  After decontamination and primer application, the surfaces are ready for the adhesive.

When applying urethane for glass installation, a “V” shaped bead is the standard that the vast majority of the industry uses.  This shape allows for uniform application and even disbursement of the urethane when decking (pressing in) the new glass and avoids the possibility of air bubbles.  Decking height is also important.  This determines the level at which the glass is installed.  If the glass is pressed in too far, you may notice gaps between the glass and surrounding parts such as moldings and the cowl.  If the glass isn’t pressed in far enough, the installation may not seal correctly which can cause leaks or air noises.  Proper urethane application and decking height make for a good strong durable installation that won’t fail over time.

When choosing whom to use for your automotive glass installations, be informed about the process and ask questions whenever you have any.  Remember, it’s your safety that’s in the balance. Steadfast Auto Glass of Colorado Springs is committed to your safety and proper installation of all vehicle components, including windshield repair, mirror replacement, and any glass surface on your automobile. Best of all, with our mobile windshield repair, we come straight to you.

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